The Restoration

October 2019

The restoration began on the exterior of the property.

The current state of the interior.

November 2019

The first project tackled was the grounds. If you reference the original pictures, you were unable to walk straight through the front yard to the back yard due to the vegetation that had taken control of the property. Once all the unwanted vegetation was removed, we uncovered the hitching post!

January 2020

Recreating Columns

Front steps fixed

Completed front steps

Side stairs completed

Railing installed

Before the ramp was removed

New stairs replacing the ramp

New deck flooring

February 2020

Back Steps

Columns on Back Steps

Railing installed on back steps

State of roof

State of roof

Temporary fix to prevent leaks

March 2020

Back porch restoration!

Kitchen - Main Level Demo Day (Not Original)

May 2020

The last custom handrail completed/restored for the salvageable pieces

June 2020

In the process of repairing the car port!